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The 4th of July and fireworks - How to help your pet cope

Happy 4th of July, every one! 

Although it is a time of celebration, fireworks can be very scary and upsetting to our pets. My dog Apollo, for instance, is horrified of loud noises like big garbage trucks banging down the street, thunder and he is especially afraid of fireworks. 
He always tries his hardest to run home if he encounters such loud noises and I know he is not alone, so here are some tips on helping your pets cope with the holiday:

  1. Take a walk and wear your dog out before sundown
  2. Plan on staying home with your pet when there are firework shows scheduled nearby or close enough to hear
  3. Close the doors and windows, turn on your T.V., music, A.C./fans and any other noisy household devices to help drown out the noise and percussion of the explosions
  4. Just sit with your dog or cat; do not try to force cuddle. Sometimes its good to have treats on hand in case they want them
  5. Leaving your dog or cat in its crate can sometimes end up in chipped teeth or nails and broken cages
  6. If your pet doesn't have ID tags with updated information, get one or make one to attach to their collar before the fireworks begin!  

With that being said, I am wishing all of you a wonderful, long holiday weekend! 

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Tailor from AZ

I just had to share Tailor with all of you - she is a rescue from a Native American Reservation in AZ and is now a part of my extended family! She is a Boxer/Shar Pei/Dalmation mix and is ever so regal!!


Sunnyside Gets a New Dog Park!

Great news for Sunnyside residents this summer - a brand new dog park has opened at Lou Lodati Park at 43rd & Skillman Ave. Congratulations to the Sunnyside United Dog Society (SUDS) for pushing this project through with the help of City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer! I'm looking forward to checking it out this week!